Ready to serve

You have awesome projects and require a graphic designer with UX/UI skills. As an art director, I pay relentless attention to detail, whether a from scratch project or a redesign. And I can be quickly on board to catch the train of your project and give it my touch.

A few words about the "personæ"

Take a closer look at this surprising character. Maybe his face might look familiar to you. However he's not Mr Everyone. Distant cousin of John Doe — the opportunistic guy, you know —, imbued with the excellence and deeply inspired of the masterpieces of all forms of art related to painting and sculpture, in terms of cinematographic production, broad-spectrum interpretation, as well of humble artisans of poetry and TV from the beginning to today and in the future, from both France and Navarre. I am Jaune d'Eau, the guy that maybe you have met on the street without regognizing him. Even if you recognized me but you could not remember the context. So who am I? What I do from morning to night?

Look at this portrait more closely

Basically, I'm a graphic designer. And by extension, I'm a digital art director. What else? A hybrid character inspired by my masters! but they are too numerous to contain in one face without appearing a bit scary. In my own journey, I still use Adobe softwares to enhance pictures and design print layouts but UX/UI design has led me to opt for alternative softwares more dedicated to digital projects. So I moved towards Sketch App, thought to boost development, Hype 3 for animation design, and organization companions such as Trello, Slack, etc. To learn more, you can drop me a few lines and at worst, you will receive much love, singing birds and then spread peace all over the world.

The clients who made Jaune d'Eau grow

They trusted, still work on some projects and/or have coffee, more or less frequently. However always with pleasure.

Musée du Louvre
Musée d'Orsay
Paris Musées
CANAL+ Groupe
Sequel / Kiwi
Verve Media NYC
Crédit Suisse
Groupe Publicis
Musée du Quai Branly
Compagnie de Phalsbourg
France Télévisions
Innocent Drinks
Groupe Bayard Presse